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About the event artwork

The Closing the Gap Day artwork and branding is designed by First Nations artist, Pat Caruso from We Create Print Deliver, a South Australian-based creative agency.

Hear the story about the artwork by Pat Caruso

This art piece is representative of the partnership between Sonder and Nunkuwarrin Yunti for Closing the Gap Day – a story to be shared, seen and felt. This artwork is intentionally full of colour, and shapes and layered upon a black background to encapsulate the story being told. When looking at it, you can become lost in the amazing piece, that is:

‘Closing the Gap Day’.

Dissecting the art to interrupt the story being told, we start with the striking large circular bodies on the left and right of the piece, they represent Sonder and Nunkuwarrin Yunti, they are large circular drivers for change, they are expansive in their footprint, contributing in so many ways. Both organisations are filled with various shapes, colours and sizes; symbolic of the people that access, are a part of, support or interact with.

The stories of these individuals are as individual as the lines, dots and shapes that are concentrically patterned within them.

The path that links the two organisations is patterned with key stakeholders, members, departments, and teams all moving toward the centre circle, the heart centre: ‘Closing the Gap Day’. The journey of this piece is important. It tells the story of bringing people together, creating awareness, support, change and understanding.

The brightly coloured shapes that dance in the backdrop of this piece symbolise the many communities, boards, departments, schools, and individuals that interact, access or engage with Sonder and Nunkuwarrin Yunti.

These shapes overlap, touch, change shape, direction and connect, showing the multitude of relationships within this space and how they move.